Thursday 13 June 2013

New Phlegm Book

This week we received the much anticipated new book from one of our all-time favourite artists, Phlegm. The book is a collection of pen and ink drawings with each cover hand printed and embossed by the artist himself. You might recognise a lot of the pictures from walls that the Sheffield based illustrator has painted over the past few years.

At just £25 we feel the book is an absolute bargain. Due to his increasing popularity, Phlegm's prints and comics sell out extremely quickly these days, so he decided to print an extra large edition of this book and keep it affordable to make sure his fans could get a copy.

Despite this - and due to a technical issue which has halted sales for several weeks - we noticed some copies going up on eBay for around £180. Please don't get sucked in and give these greedy people your hard earned cash. Wait a few weeks and make sure the money goes to the right person - the artist.

All in all, this is a real treasure and one of the best things we've purchased in a very long time.

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